“It’s in our nature to destroy ourselves.”

there is a guy in the background that you really cant see. he yelled at me after i shot this. man, i aint no government agent. stop trippin.

quick. stand there and do nothing.

It turns out that the 9/11 tragedy was actually a plan made by the government in order to divert attention away from our already “booming economy”. Government officials intentionally flew planes into the world trade center and used the taliban and osama bin laden as their scapegoats. Hoping that America would be prime for war in a country that is full of oil which can be used to help the lacking economy, governement officials went ahead with the plan to kill thousands of innocent people.

Fast forward to Christmas time 04.

The tsunami which killed 100’s of thousands of people strikes the hearts of America and soon everyone is sympathetic to those who have died. It also turns out, that the government has produced weapons which can manipulate natural disasters.(cmon havent you seen “the core”ha.) Americas top officials believed that by setting a 9.0 earthquake which would lead to the deaths of 100’s of thousands of people,  would also give the media a chance to divert attention away from the war in iraq. The media now focuses its attention on asia where so many have died, instead of the war where people continue to die. If it bleeds, it leads.


|mood| now tell me god is in control.



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9 responses to “

  1. haha wow i almost thought you believed those conspiracy theories. phew.

  2. i’ve heard that quote before…where have i heard it? damn my malfunctioning memory. i wish i were an elephant. who are you again? :)

  3. TERMINATOR!!! haha. i googled it.

  4. Anonymous

    your photos are perfect

  5. shit…i had a dream that i gave you the wrong zip code, so i just checked the sent messages, and i did. it’s 20707, not 20723. i’m probably going crazy…

  6. thats an interesting conspiracy theory

  7. sorry i busted you out bro. but i would like to return the post card favor. leave your postal info at my lovkaos@aol.com door. mine will get to you faster than it did to me. it’s on!

  8. Anonymous

    i thought you went pelican brief/enemy of the state on me for a second. good stuff.

  9. Sup Man dope pics!! keep up the great work!

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