“we’ll defuse bombs, walk marathons”

im kinda on xanga block.
i looked up my name on google images and heres what i got.

looks like he plays a lot of starcraft.

this guy right here, serial rapist.

tim allen.

i hope her last name is Paul.

tough guy.
Pauls apparently only have handle bar mustaches or are really scary lookin women.

i lost my wallet. and then dsmalls found it. i hate losing wallets. shit sucks.

im taking a karate class and a running class at skyline. there is a guy there who im not too fond of. i hope we get to spar. i hope he doesnt kick my ass.

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  1. dvd

    hahaha..who’s the guy?

  2. just show him what pauls are made of!

  3. Anonymous

    no i didn’t. =(what’s that filipino joke? oh yeah.. can you use paul in a sentence 4 times?PAUL, be care-paul you might paul in the swimming paul.

  4. lol you should see the stuff that comes up for sonja. i used to do that in my science class when i was super bored and boy the stuff id come across…..

  5. Anonymous

    what do you do in running class? i thought running was just running. tell all about how you beat up that guy. does he have a name?

  6. these guys couldve had starring roles in napoleon dynamite

  7. Anonymous

    i’ve got a better one.
    a hispanic guy gets pulled over while trying to cross the border so the cop tells him to use the colors green, pink, and yellow in a sentence.  so the guy says “the phone goes green, green; i pink it up and say yello’.”
    .. it’s funnier out loud.

  8. that song is great. especially in 28 days later.

  9. Anonymous

    The first one to get it.
    I’m so on my way to do the google thing…

  10. it looks like someone was sparring with that “woman.”
    i just get a naked boy behind trees for my name. not quite sure what to make of that…

  11. wow if you look anything like your google search, your one sexxxxy man!

  12. hey. i just wanted to get the word out and let you know that theres a new record label on the scene thats gonna be putting outsome really good shit. so keep checking back on it. listen to some mp3’s and tell your friends!

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