“Are you black?
 -no im nicaraguan.
 Is that in Africa or something?” haha.

“did you just paint a house?”

Ate dinner with dirty and hueman on Monday. Fuck the bullshit aran. nope.

Got sick on Saturday. Sushi + burrito + ice cream = vomit on the weekend.

Im glad you enjoyed my Paul google post.

ive been playing counterstrike source. god save us all.

San Francisco State tried to kick me out of school yesterday. Too bad i showed those bitches. See you on monday.


if anyone sees this guy, wilson, tell him im lookin for him.

hes been dodgin me. hes my old “boss” who wont return my phone calls concerning the money he owes me. i even messaged him on friendster for godsakes. i dont even care if i work in this town again. So all you san jose and san francisco kids who know me, keep an eye peeled.

|mood| at least its almost wednesday.



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  1. dvd

    mel’s ? go ask aroudn the highschool kids.. *ahem* clubbers i mean if they seen him or not.

  2. i don’t think i’ve ever seen a wanted man in a xanga entry. i will let you know if i see him. fight the sf state beauracracy!!! did i spell that right?

  3. Crap, man. I wish the only throwing up I’ve done this past year could be attributed to food poisoning.
    Whahappuned with school?

  4. Anonymous

    just go to one of those H2 parties and you’ll find wilson or what i like to call him winslow cause i was really drunk one time…….but doesn’t he also work at the T-mobile stands inside stonestown?

  5. yea i was gonna say just go to an h2 party.. and ill see you on tuesday in claaaassssss!! boo to that.

  6. Anonymous

    OoO something shady’s going on…hi tall paul!! i hope you enjoy your last “free” weekend…it’s a freekend!!

  7. i think i met that cat before. i’ll be sure to contact you if i see his shifty ass.

  8. Anonymous

    I concur.
    Nothing better than a postcard.

  9. hahahaha oh man what’s up paul.  your wanted ad for wilson is hilarious.  i can feel your pain.  they advertised 100 bucks for a contest and i won and they only gave me 50.  and i had to ask 1 million times.  so maybe just call him a million times and he’ll give you half of what he owes you.  gould luck at sfsu. i would say see you on campus but uh, i’m taking the semester off.  sooooo, see you when i see you!

  10. We may have to play Golf.  On his face.

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