“i left here for darkness, but found you on the way.”

dsmalls showed me these pictures of some deep sea fish that washed up after the tsunami. damn. hella spooky. dont eat the fish.

iiperceptii: so i had the craziest dream last night….

Auto response from kydrey: schoooooooool

iiperceptii: we were watchin movies where kmart usto be at colma….except it was still kmart…
iiperceptii: and we were watchin movies outside in front……and they were like holograms….and there were movie seats outside of kmart….
iiperceptii: and we were watchin with these two bitches from davis…..and i walked off somewhere to look around….and when i came back…
iiperceptii: some black bitch was screaming at you and pushing you against the wall and slapping you around…
iiperceptii: i was like…..oh shit…pauls getting punked…
iiperceptii: so i ran over…and i was about to push the bitch off of u…but she saw me comin and dodged me and shoved me…
iiperceptii: so i put up my dukes….and i tried to side kick her but she dodged it….so i got kinda scared…
iiperceptii: then she started complaining how she could have made it to the pros and how she could have played pro bball but then she had a son….
iiperceptii: and then her little son appeared out of nowhere…
iiperceptii: and she started crying….
iiperceptii: so i was like…its ok its ok…and i held out my arms and she came up to hug me…
iiperceptii: and i was like….oh wait a minute…this black bitch hugged me way too easily..she mite have taken my wallet…
iiperceptii: so when she let go of me i checked my pockets and she caught me….and she got all mad and offended
iiperceptii: i was like oh shit……so i started jetting the other direction while she ran after me…
iiperceptii: and then i realized it was a dream…so i was like….fuck im just gonna fly away….so i jumped up and soared to teh sky….
iiperceptii: then i woke up
iiperceptii: the end.
kydrey: hahahhahaha.

just like real life, i get beat up by big black women in dreams too. and austin fears losing his wallet.

i start school today. yes…

|mood| im still looking for wilson.



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  1. have a fun monday at state. good luck with parking.

  2. hahaha i saw wilson the other night actually. but i was drunk as fuck.  so i completely forgot about saying anything to him that you were looking for him, whoops. and ill see you in class tomorrow classmate!

  3. Anonymous

    it’s okay, i don’t eat fish. when are we going to eat food together?

  4. fish be crazy, ehh? here’s to a good semester, pal!

  5. i thought i saw you on campus…

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