“ha! act of coward!”

this was for humaen. can anybody spot whats wrong?

The first week of school is over. Classes are good, some are boring, but thats what was expected. I hate snobby journalism majors who always talk about the same shit. ive seen people at school that i havent seen in a while. its been nice.

I found Wilson. He doesnt want to pay me. Ill make him anyway.

The karate kid 2 was such a great movie. Its the best when he does the crane and the other dude blocks it and kicks his ass. ha.

got this artist off wetpaintstick. pretty snazzy. although he sure does like skinny boobies.
the guy on the far left reminds me of afijade.

|mood| i am not afraid of you. any of you.



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  1. you should be afraid. i know your quotes. and nicaragua shouldn’t be there at all! but it might be fun if it was. peter cetera kicks ass on the karate kid II soundtrack.

  2. wilson sounds so wrong it makes me want to pay you for my birthday. thanks again, btw. it hasn’t even happened yet.. but i’m still so relieved you’ll do it. i need yo digits, brotha!

  3. yea what the hell is nicaragua doing there.? o classmate. i will see you on thursday. i mean tuesday.

  4. Anonymous

    wilson?  i like to call him winslow when i am drunk……make him pay!  Karate Kid 2 a great movie?  heard it has tons of cheesy lines or maybe that’s what makes the movie great

  5. I like the Goat Prince.
    Ok. Nicaragua. I was right.
    I love the way they pronounce ‘cocaine.’ “Koh-cah-EEN-ah!”

  6. Anonymous

    why isn’t djibouti on the map? shake DJIBOUTI. i’m coming home paul, that means you can hang out at my house on school days!

  7. dvd

    wehre is “urgay”? http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v225/tehdvd/urgay.jpgTHERE IT IS!!anyways.. haha i sold blacky off..funny how we’re talking about blacky in your post about africa…WOO WOOO..

  8. i just got it actually. i have to find a good picture to send a ghetto postcard back in return.

  9. dvd

    u can have my guitar stand.

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