“the circle of rage, ghosts upon the stage appeared.”

Random days with humaen and dirtysmalls prove to be enjoyable. its nice what a little bit of free time, 5 dollars, and the need to act like a kid again can do.

nerf guns and cheap shotties from 7-11.

i havent felt like that in years!

im so happy, ill bite your face off. i look like a zombie.

its almost saturday. Since wilson wasnt obligated to pay me cuz i “screwed up”, im just gonna chat with him in person. telephone toughguy. psh. 1 vs 20 should be a fair fight. me being the one. whatever man, im not scared of you dude. eesh.

|mood| the windless rain is good.

ps- the first gangsta rap cd i got was the luniz. daveys mom bought it for me for my birthday in the 5th grade.



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  1. dvd

    grr 1 vs 20? if he doesnt know where u live, lets do that on him hahah.. want my baton?! bring your nuff guns and bust a rubbercap on his ass. He isnt obligated to pay you becuase you fucked up? Tell dwight to go too haha and your cousins..and jerome(to annoy them to death) ahhh..talk to me about it damn it.

  2. aww look at you and SUSY i LOOOVE it!! i love her for you!!

  3. As always, cool pics, but the first one is incredible.
    I’ve been thinking about you, man. How ya been?
    Hey, have you seen Sockbaby?

  4. awesome pictures, but i love, love, love the last one!

  5. hahahaha nerf guns LOLOLOL

  6. Anonymous

    random eprops

  7. that girl is the cutest thing ever.
    also, i need your address again.

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