“i used to be a little boy.”

took some nightshots with dirty and humaen last week. they came out ok i suppose. this place looked crazy. it was just some bright red butcher shop that looked like it was fresh from the fittys. mad fresh.

i got paid.
punches thrown = 0
kicks delivered = 0
names called = 2

its ok. at least i got what i went there for.

i got another sty in my eye. here is the aftermath of the first one. shit sucks.

i look like i got my ass kicked.

school is alright. 5 week class is almost over. im learning how to use movie making software, so you can expect some madness pretty soon. dont you worry kiddies.

|mood| get this fucking thing out of my eyeball!



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  1. dvd

    too bad u dont have webspace ot host it.

  2. that thing still there? try putting salt on your eye. that should make your eye burn like a mofo, but i don’t know if it’ll get rid of the sty.

  3. Anonymous

    if you would wash your hands after you pee and stop touching your face, you wouldn’t get styes. it looks like you broke a blood vessel in your eye. my coworker got really drunk and started heaving so hard she broke a blood vessel in her eye. thought i’d share.

  4. damn, yeah…i’m really thinkin of goin to school up there in a year or two.SF is damn fine to me right now. too bad we missed out on eachother…i think i might come up in a month again for SB or shoppin. whatevs. catch ya later. Abiva.

  5. Anonymous

    Got a picture of you flippin’ the bird?  Join our gallery now!

  6. Mad fresh, yo. I’m still a boy, nowumsayin?

  7. Aw, ah meant lil’ boy.

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