“When the routine bites hard
            and ambitions are low”

i thought that this was pretty crazy.
mother nature sure can be a bitch sometimes.

dirtybash II went well.

ive been watchin a lot of movies with the audio commentary turned on. you should try it out sometime, its pretty interesting to see how they do some movie magic.

Work on the flick will start soon.
it will be “a banned film”.

and because absolutely no one asked for it,
a friend quiz. http://www.quizyourfriends.com/scoreboard.php?quizname=050313224739-603690 thanks to zhenhua.

|mood| essay time ese.



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7 responses to “

  1. I’ve met you all of maybe three times, and i got a 70 on your quiz. that’s like a C.

  2. haha i got the highest score so far. and i think the craziest thing about that 1st picture is the sideways frozen ice things on the trees… crazy. do you know where those were taken?

  3. Anonymous

    That picture trips me out.

  4. dvd

    i hope the banned film wouldnt have anything TRANSPARENT! *ahem* norio

  5. If that was my car all hell would break loose.

  6. Anonymous


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