“incisions must be made.”

It sucks when the only time you remember a friend is when that friend is gone. I used to sit next to the same girl in my psych class 2 years ago and we would just chew the fat about how bad the class was and what not, but she was a good kid. After the class was over i never saw her again.

Then a few weeks ago there was that shooting on 18th ave and i just figured it was just some more senseless violence until i figured out who had been killed. Christine Chan wasnt a close friend of mine, but she was still a friend. You cant tell me there is a plan for everyone when someone like her is killed by some dumbass with a gun.

Its always the nice ones that go, but the guys who wanted to beat me up in high school are still around.

I’m gonna have to shift gears into something lighter.

Norio is the only guy id know who would let someone chase him around the parking lot with a car just for a photo.

note the white suit.

Preproduction for the film is in full swing.

|mood| fuck midterms.



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7 responses to “

  1. dvd

    hahah allen tryin to run him overfunny.

  2. Anonymous

    i hate your xanga because i can’t read it on my 56gay connection. i feel like i live in the stone age.

  3. Anonymous

    Maybe a Fender Straaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!

  4. if you need some assistance with that film, id be more than happy to help out.

  5. its in post-production man. that was fun. sorry to hear about your friend.

  6. haha i’m too lazy to log off serena’s name .. yeah then i started liking bright eyes ahh damn it. have any albums? like the fevers and mirrors one?

  7. belated thanks for the bday wishes. i figure those bullies still alive are being punished to live useless lives and pass it on to their offspring. let’s feel sad for the offspring.

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