“We’ve got hostiles!”

Here are some screenshots from the film we put together in 8 hours on friday.

yeah. premise is bad. actual film is worse. i like it.

its good weather for a zombie movie.

spring break. feels like i havent even been in school and now i get a break from it. it should be interesting.

|mood| agenda suicide, the drones work hard before they die.



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  1. thank you for concern of my whereabouts. i’ve been in self-induced hiding. i believe the weather is still a bit chilly for making a movie, zombie or no…
    also, your postcard desperately needs to be sent.

  2. i feel bad for your fence.

  3. Anonymous

    that kid that shot up red lake…he liked zombies…and guns…and hitler…and black eyeliner. i’ve got my eye on you, paul.

  4. Doors being kicked in? Guns? puking on fences?
    …I need to see this movie.


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