“Beyond and to all time, i stand!”

These are the new stills for some crap that we are filming. Best fake blood ever. Plot sucks. Acting sucks. Its gonna be fantastic. Horror is next on the list.

Midterms are starting to take their toll. klshdgasklgjhdsg.

im tired of talking about hypocommercialism, mass consumption, and advertising in every one of my god damn classes. To sum it up, the government wants us to buy. You are inundated with commercials. While you read this entry, at the top there is probably an ad for something. When i tell you what im listening to i am advertising for that band. whatever. as long as youre aware of that, i dont really care. buy what you want, listen to what you want to listen to. Dont let anyone tell you that you suck because you arent as indie as them.

Now go check out my listening to. sike.

|mood| its ok, as long as youre aware.



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  1. I wanna see the filmWhat’s your major?

  2. hahaha, so true. FUCK the world. eat. consume. fuck. die.good philo…seriously.Abiva.

  3. Anonymous

    the government doesn’t REALLY want us to buy…our over-consumption is what’s leading to the depreciation of the dollar. OH NO!! the terror!! i can’t believe capitalism might lead us to a world-wide economic disaster. those damn dirty europeans!!

  4. Anonymous

    random props, nice site and cool pictures.

  5. ey motherfcker where have u been

  6. i want to see the new film man. it looks tite. i showed everyone the zombie flick, and it got good responses. later scorcese.

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