“i should’ve asked
i could’ve helped
at least a fucking 1,000 times before”

does anyone wanna go to the abandoned hospital in the city before it gets torn down? very rob dobi-esque.

the dvd is 5% complete. dear lord.

the ants hostile take over is over. i have nothing to do in the house now.

its been a long week.

|mood| the skeletons are out to get me.



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  1. dvd

    look at gumby everyone

  2. ey motherfucker dont telleveryone about the hospital until u take me.

  3. ive been avoiding that hospital forever even though its been around as long as ive been alive. im tempted to go but i think i would scare myself shitless.

  4. I’ll go in by myself shyoooot.
    haha j/k
    At least we know a way to get in!! hella cutty.

  5. Anonymous

    that group rocks!!! i love track number 5 i think.
    later days!

  6. what hospital? i’m so clueless. i spend all my time at mtf transgender presentations. yes, alessa adamo is the man. but not a man. i love it.

  7. I’d be down for a hospital run. Fo sho.
    I’ma bring my night goggles and ski mask. In case we decide to go skiing at night.

  8. Anonymous

    Being a mule…
    not my top career choice.

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