Its way too late, to be this locked inside ourselves.
it looks all too familiar. i know what happens next.

We will become silhouettes.

Here comes the hotstepper.

Here is some advice no one asked for. Dont be dissuaded by anyone who says that your ideas are stupid or worthless. If people didnt do things that other people thought were stupid, we wouldnt have great movies like kingpin or dumb and dumber. We wouldnt have experimental music. We wouldnt have fusion foods. We wouldnt have desegregated schools. If no one acted on these “stupid ideas” the world would be a bland place. Dont be afraid to color outside of the lines once in a while.

|mood| But it’s just the price I pay. Destiny is calling me.

ps. i had to look up how to spell silhouette. its not a good day.



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  1. ha. you know whats weird? i had to look how to spell that up the other day too..caz i wanted a sexy silhouette picture to look at just caz . haha WOW that should totally be a word in the in the spelling BEE. rawr. ANYWAYS lets go haunted hospital already.

  2. Great advice. I just bought a lap steel. = ]
    Hotsteppa. Hotsteppa. You got the hot shoe! Git on it.
    Ok. Dan [JimStark] and I were discussing Uncle Rico. We think he’s ‘Laslo’ from Pure Genius.Could it be true?

  3. oh yeah ..
    im hella moded i totally told you it was mothers day last sunday lol.

  4. Anonymous

    i like cheese pizza. let’s go get some cheese pizza.

  5. allan got hairy.nice photos.good advice.

  6. allan got hairy.nice photos.good advice.

  7. Anonymous

    ’cause i’m mister (really miss) Brighteyes!!!!
    so yeah long time since i’ve heard from you too…..what’s new?

  8. dvd

    yeah i was just bashing on the ppl that buy that useless ripoff crap. yeah i would wear a a7x shirt..then i realzied it would look like armani exchange haha..ppl will think its a bootleg hahah.

  9. Well hopefully it works in my situation…

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