“J- Whats your password?
P – Hella
J -Helen?
P -(looks at allan)Helena. Ha.”


Everyones god damn birthday is this month and they are all dated right next to one another. For that reason, only 2 of you are getting presents.

ucsc next semester. eesh.

you fakers.

these made me laugh. immature, maybe.

|mood|this morning congestion is killing me.



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  1. Anonymous

    dude, where are you getting those pics?  deviant people are brilliant. 

  2. Anonymous

    ps – glad to see another student filmmaker on xanga.  do you have any work online?

  3. Anonymous

    I concur completely. Fuck the oldies who think they know it all!
    Have a GREAT day.

  4. haha me  a  FAKER!??!..
    its funny caz it looks im on his back caz u told me to get on him ..but i was only attempting too, and you took a picture hella quick style then after that i fell off lol..now thats some skills you got there.

  5. Anonymous

    those are too funny.

  6. dude, i’m going to ucsc graduation this june. can’t wait to go hiking there. if you’re going to attend, you are SO lucky.

  7. Anonymous

    haha those are funny.

  8. go kings of convenience. said to be the scandinavian simon and garfunkle. i’m scandinavian. sort of.

  9. That piercing looks like it must’ve been pretty painful…

  10. Anonymous

    i ate a turd, will my dog get mad? let’s go on a pizza hunt!!

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