“Your pixel army cant save you now”

some old rob dobi shit.

I dont know where im going, nor do i know who is coming with me. Am i a traitor to the gator? The battle in my mind has yet been engaged once again and i dont know what will surface this time. What happens will ultimately lead to dissapointment of someone, but hopefully my decision will be respected. I can not leave here, i can not stay. Maybe it was looking to prove that i wasnt as incompetent as they thought i was, or maybe it was a desperate attempt to leave something i never intended to leave.

|mood| They gave us two shots to the back of the head.

everyone has emo posts.



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  1. just remember you’re number one. do it for you.

  2. o you fellow gator are you leaving me?

  3. Anonymous

    i like aceyalone. he’s fun. if you go to santa cruz can we go hunt for banana slugs? be careful there and don’t wander around at night, there’s MOUNTAIN LIONS!! and the trees smell like ass.

  4. i know you’ll make the right decision.

  5. haha its just at santa cruz ..your not leaving across the country like me haha

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