“i studied you in photographs.”

here are some pics of nori that i had to shoot for class. i thought they turned out purdy nice.

finals are almost over.

Some fucktard hacked my email address and sent out obscene letters to
people in my address book. Due to this unfortunate circumstances, i
have decided to change my email completely. You can now reach me at
kydrey@yahoo.com, its pretty much my AIM sn with yahoo.com.

|mood| mah see. this is how i talk see.



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10 responses to “

  1. Anonymous

    what did the letters say?

  2. dvd

    why would someone want to hack your email? heh..

  3. nice pix .. i like em … hey i’m moving back to the bay .. keep in touch and lets hang out some time.

  4. i hate our photos. just kidding. keep up the good work! gold star for you!

  5. Anonymous

    that looks like kim jong il. >_<

  6. We should find them and killem.But I get to keep there skin that’s my payoff for the deed.Good pic’s did you use a black back drop? I always wanted black like that but never got it.

  7. I would like to start a foundation where people, tattoo preferable, could donate there skin to me after they die. I would like to make lamp shads, coffee table, cup holders, and wall art out of them. I believe it would very appealing to see light shining though tattooed skin. So that is one of many plans in life.

  8. I forgot to ad, it’s been done before, just not the right way.

  9. Anonymous

    those are gorgeous

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