“Oh mercy me, god bless catastrophe.”

I finally start my job on monday.

Ive been playing lots of ps2 jeopardy lately. I think im one of the
only people who knows more than half the answers, but loses every game.
Fuck you Alex Trebek, you are the anti-christ.

|mood| this sandwhich is too salty.



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5 responses to “

  1. Anonymous

    what kind of sandwich is it?

  2. That’s how I want my kid to be, a camera for a head.:)

  3. dvd

    this sandwich is burnt and dry..damn i hate it when the old guy makes the sandwich. grrr

  4. Anonymous

    you know Alex just has that look about him….you know that “i am you master, bow down before me”maybe he is the anti-christ? who knows…….
    later days man!

  5. That Trebek comment killed me.
    Thanks for the laugh.
    Take care.

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