“Sucker love is heaven sent.”

So i went to “Evil Dead:Live” the other night and i must say it has to
be one of the best plays ive ever seen. It was the final performance of
the damn thing and it was pretty god damn fantastic.

Amongst other things, not a whole lot has been going on, hence the lack of posts. Work is ok. visit me.

|mood| ill see you on the ocean floor.



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  1. dvd

    u pucker up our passion spent..(i think he says that)

  2. “evil dead: live” somewhat oxymoronic, no? thanks for your tips with the baby shower. i ended up going with 400iso since i was too lazy to get 800. it all worked anyway. ritz is lucky to have your expertise.

  3. Anonymous

    You visit my site, a whole lot.

  4. Anonymous

    I see. I found you, randomly, however. I’ve proly only visited once, or twice… Eh, something like that. I’ve no clue. I just thought that your entries were interesting, and that it was amazing that they’ve got a stage version of the Evil Dead.

  5. Anonymous

    why don’t you update your xanga anymore?

  6. Anonymous

    what’s going on man….haven’t heard from you in a while…but then again i haven’t been on here in a while either.
    so…..to catch up…how is life?
    later days!b-tru

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