“Your last chance to find a go-go dance a disco now.”

tiger army mode lately.

Sorry i havent been updating in a long while. Just been working and
doin shit, but dont worry i have a juicy entry this time. Mindless

Everyone knows its not good to believe everything you hear, so i
decided to challenge a view that everyone pretty much has a solid
stance on. Although, insanely outrageous and high improbablity of this
being fact, i believe that cigarettes do not cause lung cancer. Yeah
thats right i said it. It cant be an impossibility that cigarttes arent
as harmful as truth commercials tell you.

Could it be an impossiblity that tobacco founders arent fundamental
christian and that since a non-christian power is making a lot of
income and has a lot of influence, that the government feels it must
stop the madness of tobacco companies? Could it be that lung cancer
comes from breathing in exhaust by living in big cities? People still
drive cars even though they know how bad it is for everyone else, but
there are no government superpowers telling you not to drive, oh no.
Why thatd just be insane. Especially since we wiped out a million
people to get their oil. So quit smoking, but keep driving.

And on another note, i do believe that the three-point line was
invented to give other races a chance at basketball. Because seriously,
do you think middle america wants a sport dominated by african
americans? If the three point line was never invented, no one wouldve
ever known who steve kerr was, i barely do.

Im sure that my little theories sound completely outrageous and there
are more than likely very good rebuttles out there, ill say them
anyway, not like you should choose to believe me to begin with. Im just
tryin to get your juices goin.

I hate waking up from a good dream. It makes reality so depressing.

|mood| sad im gonna die, hope its gonna happen later.



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7 responses to “

  1. Anonymous

    hahaha……i think you are right cause a family friend has lung cancer and she doesn’t even smoke so where the hell did she get it from?!?  and yes three-point line was invented to give other races a chance cause shit that’s all i can do…….i was a shooter cause i sucked driving in and i always get mad packed by tall black girls!

  2. Anonymous

    oh paul, you crazy cow. i make outrageous claims sometimes too. most people think it’s because i’m a crazy conservative. but i think the liberals make the best ones. conspiracy theorists are the best.

  3. you smokers just wanna find every excuse to keep smoking huh!

  4. i just realized i never mailed you a postcard.
    it’ll be coming soon to an adress near you if i didn’t delete your mailing address e-mail.

  5. Anonymous

    but i only had the fish for like 4 days before it died.

  6. you lost me at tobacco. it’s been a while my friend. i long while.

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