Found Stuff part 2

Some more found stuff from the Brooklyn flea market. The top one is my favorite, its 5×7 glass plate! GLASS!

New York is cold, snowy, and raining. I’m working on some projects of my own that I will share with all of you soon. All 9 of you.



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2 responses to “Found Stuff part 2

  1. dude! you’ve gotta do one of those behind the scene of scanning that piece of glass!

  2. Justin

    Make it 10. I didn’t know you had a blog dude. It’s funny Mahala and I were just at the flea market in Berkeley and we were checking out some old photos too. Dude was trying to charge a couple bucks for one photo though. We didn’t pick up any but I did find a fake Dupont lighter. Oh yeah, and then this racist black guy started yelling at me cause I took photos of some records that weren’t even his without asking the person who did own the records (and didn’t even care that I was taking photos) for permission to photograph his junk. Good times. All these shots are dope man. Looks a lot like your style. You’re right though, that top one really shines.

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