The Time of The Season

Here are some diptychs I just threw together of some work I did over the weekend for the Village Voice. Not the first time I’ve shot zombies, but the first time I’ve lit it. The cool thing about events like this are that the participants are very willing which makes the job so much easier when I dont have to explain a damn thing.

See how it ran here

I hope one of you five readers got that zombies reference in this blog title. (Lauren Silagyi perhaps?)

Oh, I also shot the LED light saber battle for the Voice over the weekend. That was quite a pain in the ass, but its good to see that 6400 iso on the 5d doesnt look too bad. Heres a quick tip for those of you that shoot events like this.

Find the guy whos shooting pro video and follow him around. He’ll most likely have some kind of lighting system and can give you a nice fill light so you can still shoot without a flash.


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One response to “The Time of The Season

  1. Lauren Silagyi (perhaps)

    Rad shots dude.
    Can I steal your life by any chance? I want to get paid to shoot zombie walks….
    Did you catch my pictures of the Lagunitas Beer Circus? That was a fun day.
    I do appreciate the Zombies reference :)

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