So its been a busy past couple of weeks. I’ve been getting work like crazy and I’m cooking up something big over the weekend that I cant really share with you at the moment. But its goin pretty well, and things are a little crazy. I got to meet big boi from outkast last week thanks to my buddy Dan Mandell. He got my the gig shooting some b-r0ll for myspace music (myspace is still around!) <- yes they are and they are paying me. Then after that I got to meet Jamie Hector from the wire, he was putting on a paintball fundraiser and i got to cover it for the voice.

Before all of that, Rita and I drove up to Portland, pretty much to eat a restaurant called duck fat. Where everything is fried in duck fat. Hell yes. I was too much of a fatty to actually stop and take a picture of the food since I pretty much inhaled it upon its arrival to our table. The hotel we stayed at had a swimming pool and a hot tub, too bad there was a girls middle school basketball tournament in town and they decided to stay at our hotel, making as much noise as possible and hogging up all of the prime pool area. So we had to make our own hot tub (above).

OH! and buy my shit here http://www.inprnt.com/gallery/paul_quitoriano/ now. DO IT.

Also, there will be a dance party at my apartment this weekend. If youre in NYC give me a ring. All 8 of you.


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  1. jason

    duck fat! what did you eat? can you get duck fat fried in duck fat?

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