She said “i’ll throw myself away, They’re just photos after all”

Please play this song while scrolling, because it was stuck in my head while I was writing.

Just got this in the mail on Saturday. A photo I took a few years ago for the SF Weekly ended up becoming album art for the new deluxe edition of Queens of the Stone Age Rated R. The day of the show, there was some miscommunication and the warfield wasnt going to let me in with my DSLR (oh no!), so my editor at the time, David Downs, snuck in his 3.2 jank machine and I used that. Mind you, there were actual photographers with 20D’s (fancy for that time) in the pit shooting and it ended up that this 3.2 POS ends up getting used (suck it). Furthering one of my beliefs that it doesnt matter what kind of camera you have, you can still take great pictures if you know what youre doing. Below is a lo-res of the original.

After getting this, I decided to download all of my iphone photos (1000+), and make a few edits. Generally I just take out the iphone when something interesting happens and I either dont have or want to shoot with my DSLR. I will sometimes use my iphone camera while i have my 5d strapped to me. So below are a bunch of random diptychs of friends, family, food, and interesting things that i’ve seen over the past year.


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