Rita and I went down to Virginia Beach a while ago, just to get away the city for a while. Little did I know that Virginia counts as “the South”. Literally when you drive into Virginia the sign says “Welcome to Virginia, THIS IS WHERE THE SOUTH STARTS.” I wasnt sure if that was a threat or a warning of some kind, but it wasn’t as bad as I had perceived at that very moment.  Good seafood, good pools, and good times. I also had waffle house for the first time, very tasty in a trashy way.

Nevertheless, here are a few from that trip, some taken by Ms. Dorsey herself. (out of focus is so in right now)

This is also the last batch of Iphone photos for now, I’ve been taking more, but they havent been uploaded. I’ve also got my hands on the iphone tiltshift generator, so get ready for some really gimmicky stuff in the next week or so.

Be well.

With Science and Honor,



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