If I am lost, its only for a little while.

Cleaning up the archive and dealing with all these random images floating around on my hard drive has been kicking my ass lately. Im pretty sure im the least organized photographer of all time. I literally have a folder called “2008” and its just everything ever from 2008 in no kind of order. Above is a picture of chris from a shoot we did when it wasnt fucking snowing in new york. its a proof, so you can see where i stitched the 4×5.

Its been a while since i’ve posted anything, but this is the busiest ive ever been and its refreshing. Despite my personal life being kind of all over the place, I feel like work has been keeping me in check. I’m working on something awesome, which youll be able to see very very soon. I am very proud of it and have met a lot of cool people along the way.

This post is me telling you that i am indeed, not dead. just busy.


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  1. Rock and Roll Brother. Looking forward to seeing this project, VERY EXCITING!

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