So you think you can tell Heaven from Hell?

The first Shelter subjects after the initial launch last week! I met Kasia Kowalcyzk and Tal Harris last summer while shooting an assignment for the Village Voice. Fully aware that the project was forthcoming, I made it a point to always take good notes and get contact information for potential subjects.  I first pegged them as the eccentric zombie couple, but I lucked out and Kasia Kowalcyzk ends up being a professional monster. No joke.

Kasia Kowalczyk as a Kelvin alien in J.J. Abrams’s Star Trek reboot.

Always take good notes dudes. I’ve blown it a bunch of times by not getting names and contact info for people I’ve met to only assume theyve fallen off the face of the earth when I do attempt to contact them.

Also, I really dont use strikeout enough. So expect some more of that.


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