you know what i mean.

Going through the archives during  the web rebuild. I remember when I used to do these weird cutoffs all the time.

I am about a month behind schedule of my website redevelopment and launch. Trying to put together something that resembles a solid body of work and some kind of visual consistency can be quite a pain. Its hard to let go of all of your personal work, your photos are like your kids, but i really had to trim the fat this time.  Its interesting to see how my photography has evolved and I’d like to think that my newer work is better than the old stuff. But I also worry that nowadays, I am overthinking photography as opposed to just shooting and learning. Instead of shooting for the sake of shooting, I’m shooting for publications or clients and hoping I can please them.

I’m sure a lot of photographers go through this, I go through it about once a year. Hating everything I’ve done and doubting the authenticity of my work. Instead of quitting, we have to find ways to get better and try to reinvent ourselves. What was once fun is now work. I do love work, but I am only temporarily satisfied with each frame I make. I hope I am never fully satisfied.



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