ninjas. hijacked. my mother.

This will probably be one of my last posts of the year, but the past few weeks have been interesting to say the least. I shot a portrait of Dan Holzman, Co-Owner of the Meatball Shop for AMNY, was on the Rachael Ray show for a good combined 3 seconds (skip to 1:55 here), moved into a fancy new apartment (send prints please, my walls are bare), and found a bunch of photographs on a hard drive from when I was in college of which I’ll sprinkle in here and there, you gotta remember where you came from.

Somehow it hasnt snowed yet here in New York and this makes me very happy.

Dan Holzman

Me standing in for Mike Jones.

Norio. Circa 2004. 2004! We’ve come so far.

Also, have you seen this? Video of the year for sure.

See you in San Francisco.


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  1. awesome post. I assumed you would want to know that there is a problem uploading your web site in Internet Explorer, you may want to test this. I needed Moxilla Firefox in order to successfully view your article.

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