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Last Friday the 13th I totally blew off the Friday the 13th tattoo extravaganza and ended up photographing The Undead Prom at the Bell House for the Village Voice. If you’ve ever spoken to me personally for more than 10 minutes, I’ve probably had some kind of zombie discussion with you.

I recently heard that zombies will be getting a twilight-like treatment with zombies loving each other and all that nonsense, pretty much the worst news I’ve ever heard.

Ingrid Biorck.

see the rest here.



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Photography is harder than it looks. Some would say my job consists of pressing a button, being lucky, or being in the right place at the right time. But to be able to get a correct exposure in manual (like a boss), predicting things that will happen before they happen and positioning myself accordingly (like a psychic), and deciding when to take a picture down to a 1/60th of a second on top of composition and remembering to take your darkslide out, its a little more complicated than it looks.

Back in the film days, the ratio of good photographs to bad was about 24 to 1 for me. A whole roll of film to get one usable shot. Now I guess its measured by gigs or megabytes. Below are some diptychs portraying photographs that didnt quite make it into the final edit next to the actual final photographs. Failed ideas, poor settings, and missing the moment. Some of my favorites in here almost didnt happen. This is me showing you that every frame I take isnt amazing, in fact, probably 90 percent of the photographs I take are downright awful. But when that 10 percent present themselves, its damn awesome.

Also, anybody catch Robocop on tv the other day? The toxic waste scene is the greatest.

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I haven’t lived. I’ve died a few times.

I watched Harold and Maude a few days ago, I hadn’t seen it in quite some time and I guess I can really appreciate movies when I get older since my job really has me obsessing over imagery all the time. While watching it, I noticed some sweet still frames that could be made of it and if you look at them all out of context, you have really no clue whats going on, but the stills are pretty engaging. Each still looks to be part of an unfinished story (since it is) and I can only hope one day to achieve this feeling in my own personal photography.

If you havent watched the movie, I recommend checking it out, especially if youre a sucker for San Francisco movies like myself.

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