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Every time I go to Williamsburg I usually spend a good amount of time at Junk, the thrift shop with a gang of old negatives and photographs in an epic bottomless pit that is a wooden bin. I only take the negatives, since I like to mess with the tones myself and there is something cool about scanning these because you cant really tell what the hell is going on in some of them. These ones involve a girl who either a) is a negative space genius or b) didnt have a tripod, but had a floor.

Also, recently dusted off the hasselblad and who do i photograph?



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you clutched clinging heels.

photo by Diana Tran

Organizing the hard drives is quite the pain and have the urge to delete a lot of raw takes, but in this new age of digital hoarding I will end up with terabytes of crap that no one will ever see.  After carefully going through a bunch of images i’d like to forget, i stumbled upon this gem (picture above) of me getting destroyed at the valentines day pillowfight in San Francisco 4 or 5 years ago. That guy has the eyes of a killer.

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Found stuff Part 4 : Ernest goes to jail.

More found stuff from various flea markets, thrift stores, and antique shops.

The photo in the middle goes down as scariest ghost family ever.

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Found Stuff Part III : Executive Decision

Part 3 of the found series, ive really got to get crackin on these scans. Sadly these are the most popular thing on my blog.

Im pretty sure the lady in the first frame is an old timey vampire.

So Spring is here and its about god damn time.

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Found Stuff part 2

Some more found stuff from the Brooklyn flea market. The top one is my favorite, its 5×7 glass plate! GLASS!

New York is cold, snowy, and raining. I’m working on some projects of my own that I will share with all of you soon. All 9 of you.


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Found Stuff.

I’ve recently been checking out vintage shops and flea markets in search of my own personal fancy dining chair for the new table we have at the house, but have been sidetracked by all the awesome slides I’ve been finding. I’ve got  a pretty tall stack to scan still but here are some slides I found back from a time when people were way classier than we are now.

Scanning them in and fixing the weird color casts the old slides have is kind of the best thing ever.

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