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I was up to about seventeen packs a day.

I’m not really as good as I’d like to be about updating this, but I’ve been shooting here and there, editing here and there, and doing lighting here and there. It really makes the work weeks pretty interesting. Below is a smattering of images that I’ve made recently and one that I made a really long time ago that I never got to talk about.


Zachary Caceres for The Boston PhoenixImageMichael Edwards for a Kenneth Cole test shoot. (The light across the forehead makes me crazy too, I guess thats why it was a test.)


The scene directly behind me while working on a portrait for Creme De La Mer. Image

And Nic Ratner’s home from the very short lived series “Shelter” that I was working on last year for the Village Voice. Nic had a ton of taxidermy in his East Village Apartment and I had spent the afternoon with him a few summers ago. His tip to me if I ever got into collecting taxidermy was to never get anything done to an animal that means anything to you. Pretty heartbreaking to see your dead-not-dead dog everytime. I wouldn’t do that to Moxie anyway.

On top of all that, I’ve redesigned some of the aspects on my personal site with some text overlay on my favorite images from each section.



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feel it all around.

So I recently got showcased on virb, which has since driven my website and blog traffic up about 500%. Id like you to notice that I forgot how to take a screen shot on a mac and also how to close a tab, hence the chrome tab “HOW TO TAKE A SCREENSHOT” appears, im kind of an idiot.

I’m also working on some sweet promo materials for the new year, give me your address and maybe ill send you one.

And to keep the nostalgia boat floating from last time, here is a portrait from my 2nd year in college. Handguns in pictures are so 2004.

Happy new year.

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ninjas. hijacked. my mother.

This will probably be one of my last posts of the year, but the past few weeks have been interesting to say the least. I shot a portrait of Dan Holzman, Co-Owner of the Meatball Shop for AMNY, was on the Rachael Ray show for a good combined 3 seconds (skip to 1:55 here), moved into a fancy new apartment (send prints please, my walls are bare), and found a bunch of photographs on a hard drive from when I was in college of which I’ll sprinkle in here and there, you gotta remember where you came from.

Somehow it hasnt snowed yet here in New York and this makes me very happy.

Dan Holzman

Me standing in for Mike Jones.

Norio. Circa 2004. 2004! We’ve come so far.

Also, have you seen this? Video of the year for sure.

See you in San Francisco.

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electronic surgical words.

Since we last spoke, I shot a style piece for Karen Millen, I placed in a contest, I’m moving to a new apartment, I did a job for Ragu requiring me to make spaghetti, and I’ve been drinking kind of a lot ($5 beer+shot is a gift and a curse).

I also managed to place 2nd in the adventure category for this years APA|NY photo annual.

(its still real to me damn it.)

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Because one time, I turned into a dog and they helped me.

Patriciana Tenicela, Mrs. Captain America

Mac Cloud as B.A. Baracus

Tom Goetz as Nick Fury

I had the pleasure of photographing the NY Comic Con for the umpteenth time for the Village Voice. It becomes more challenging every year since the amount of photographers seems like it triples. I try to do it differently every year but it seems like people are starting to catch on and are bringing octobanks now! OCTOBANKS!? REALLY?! Next year im just gonna photograph everyones feet and call it, the feet of comic con.

Special thanks to G.Robinette for saving my ass.

Also, i hope you watched the walking dead yesteday because it was epic. Someone please make a gif of rick grimes throwing that rock at the 2nd walker.

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Turf and turf.

Been a pretty interesting couple of weeks. Below is a smattering of some things I’ve worked on including but not limited to style shoots, a wedding (sort of), and a recent visit to a friend of mine who happens to be a Real Life Superhero. Also, I met Bill Cunningham and then proceeded to photograph him in his own trademark style.




Alex Welsh.

Anytime you photograph a wedding with another shooter it is inevitable that they’ll find their way into your frames.

Bill Cunningham reloading film at Governors Island.

Outtake. A superhero who happens to have a roommate that is a Magician in their Brooklyn home.

Also, feel free to add me on instagram. paulnonymous.



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blue carolina.

Took a bus this last weekend down to Charlotte, North Carolina. Officially the furthest south I’ve ever been in the good ol’ USA. It should be required that one leaves New York City at least once a month. To actually be able to hear myself think without the constant horn honking, screaming, and construction was amazing. Also nice to be able to see things with a fresh eye, these arent the most exciting photos ever, but its still real to me damn it!

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