“Grandma told me to tell you to go home….
Cuz youre ruining everyones lives and eating all our steak!.”

Christmas was good. i got a bunch of cool things.

Tango and Cash is playing in the other room. I like listening to the violence and Sylvester Stallone screaming “FUCK THE PIGS!”

Ive been bowling a lot. i got the highest score i ever got in my life…115. ha.

I contacted my dads exgirlfriend the other week via postcard. i hope
she doesnt think its some feeble attempt at reuniting them. even though
she is like a mother to me and it would be nice to see my dad off the
computer for once.

Sometimes, you have to stop asking why. Just take it how it is and stop
asking questions that have no answers, or have answers that are
meaningless. You know, like those questions concerning god, love, and
meanings behind songs.

Why you ask?

because eddie murphy has a gun and he’ll pop a cap in you if you dont.

| mood | its freaking freezing.

ps. happy new year.



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  1. i dont mind getting the right answer .. just gimme one and i’ll be satisfied .. i just need something to keep me going .. happy new year.

  2. goooo napolean!!! you’re tryptophantastic.

  3. dvd

    nice pic there.. your site gays up my day. =

  4. happy 05 to you Axel Foley!!!

  5. eddie murphy is filled with wisdom, that is why you should listen to him…the gun has nothing to do with it.
    also, good choice of movie quote.
    also x2, i have never been contacted through postcard; i would like to though, it’s much more scenic than a letter.

  6. i would very much enjoy a postcard from you and your words of wisdom.
     and although i believe that you are who you say (and have not been to prison for murdering young girls), i think my father would be somewhat unhappy if you turned out to be a crazy murder/pedophile/etc. so maybe i’ll give you my old adress and it can be forwarded.

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